Blissfield Outdoor Sip & Stroll

The Village of Blissfield Social District is created and managed by the Downtown Development Authority in cooperation with the Village of Blissfield. The BOSS Social District is established to allow alcohol consumption in most parts of the outdoor downtown strip and includes the participation of listed downtown businesses for indoor enjoyment.

The Blissfield Outdoor Sip & Stroll Has Rules and a Map

  1. Enter any participating BOSS establishment
  2. Purchase your beverage in a BOSS “to go” cup
  3. Stroll the BOSS District while enjoying your drink (but stay in bounds!)
  4. Dispose of your cup properly
  5. Do it all again but remember, each cup is one-time use only.

We take pride in keeping Blissfield safe and clean. This is why the Social District is open from noon until 11pm unless we have a featured event.