Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authorities began in Michigan in 1975 with the goal of revitalizing downtown areas which had seen a decline in patronage following World War II. To bring people back to downtowns, the DDA programs invest dollars and expertise to local projects and upgrading public areas.


Board Members

Al Navarro, Jr.
Appointed on 05/23/2022

Heather Marks
Appointed on 02/25/2019

Julie Goll
Appointed on 06/26/2023

Brenda Butler
Current Secretary
Appointed on 06/09/2014

Mike Gunter
Appointed on 11/24/2014

Ellie Sayler
Youth Member
Appointed on 10/27/2023

Barb McHenry
Current Chairperson
Appointed on 06/26/2006

James Eitzen
Vice Chairperson
Appointed on 11/28/2022

Bill Borchardt
Appointed on 01/22/2024

Frank Seely
Appointed on 09/26/2022

April Wolfe
Appointed on 11/28/2022

About the DDA

With enthusiastic volunteers, hard work and inspiration, we will preserve the structures of yesterday, support our labors of today, and build our dreams of tomorrow. This will establish and maintain a prosperous and welcoming community for stakeholders, visitors and surrounding communities.

The Blissfield DDA/Main Street organization was founded on June 23, 2010 by Governor Jennifer Granholm. Since then, volunteers have put in tens of thousands of hours to make this program a success. Their efforts have produced exciting events and projects aimed at improving and celebrating our great historic community.

Village of Blissfield TIF Plan – What is a TIF Plan? Tax-increment financing (TIF) is a redevelopment tool that allows increased property taxes generated because of new development to be captured by a separate legal taxing authority.


Our Projects:

2024 Impact Report

Master Plan



DDA / Economic Development Director

Since 2022

Laura Nichols

The DDA Director

Uses Main Street approach in efforts to create and manage Blissfield Main Street/DDA programs and projects.

The Main Street/DDA Manager

Oversees compliance with Village, County, State and Federal regulations.

Blissfield Main Street


130 S. Lane St
Blissfield, MI 49228